What is NuReality?

NuReality is an independent production company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With production equipment, edit bays, and our vast array of production experience we are malleable to client needs and think outside the box in providing results.

Our focus is producing premium content for clients, whether that be commercials, industrials, real estate videos, television content or narrative films.

Robert James

Robert James accelerated his career by first interning with Award-winning filmmaker Ms. Ondi Timoner. The two collaborated on the documentary short film Library of Dust (which he co-directed and produced). While working with Ondi, Robert traveled the world and assisted on several of her projects. He first edited DVD extras for Ondi’s Grand Jury Prize-winning doc We Live In Public. Camera work and project management on the documentary Cool It followed. Robert and Ondi were commissioned by HBO to make a film about same-sex marriage. Sadly, after 4 months of shooting, the film had to stop due to political conflicts and current court cases.

Robert’s NuReality Productions writes, directs, shoots and edits film projects, art installations as well as music and commercial videos. MACE Security, Alain Pinel Realty, and Eros China are among his loyal clients.


Kyle Parker

Kyle Parker graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a B.A. in Film Studies. Since then, he has worked on independent films, commercials and industrials for clients such as Sephora, MACE Securites, Gordon Biersch, and others. Parker was an editor on the feature documentary May I Be Frank, which screened nation-wide and most recently was producer and lead editor on the award-winning short documentary Library of Dust. In addition to his commercial and documentary work, Kyle was the editor and shooter for the San Francisco TV shows Brew Your Own Beer (BYOB), Carpool Showdown and Viewpon.


Theodore Nguyen

Theodore Nguyen is one of NuReality’s resident editors. Throughout the years he has worked with various companies such as HBO, BravoTV, MTV & AirBnB. He studied film & TV at Cal-State Northridge with an emphasis on documentary filmmaking. His passion for documentary films led him to work under two time Sundance-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner at Interloper Films as an Assistant Editor. After gaining experience in the professional documentary world Theodore went to join NuReality Productions as Associate Producer/Editor for James’ first feature documentary The Night Minister. He is also a producer and lead editor on Ruminations.


Tommy Rotticci

Tommy Rotticci is a surfer jock.



NuReality Productions offers a broad range of services to clients.


NuReality Productions is committed to bringing socially conscious stories to the screen in an imaginative and unique style.

LIBRARY OF DUST, uncovers the discovery of thousands of copper urns containing cremated human remains at The Oregon State Mental Hospital in 2002. The canisters of cremains, some dating back as far as the late 1800’s, display an unearthly corrosive and unexplained effect. Hospital staff and families of the patients help us solve the mystery of these forgotten souls.

Find LIBRARY OF DUST on iTunes and IndieFlix.

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THE NIGHT MINISTER, NuReality’s forthcoming feature film, is the story of Dr. Ted McIlvenna, an eighty-year-old Methodist Minister, Sexologist, and holder of the world’s largest collection of erotic folk art. In 1978, he co-founded The Institute for Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, the first school in America to offer a doctorate in Sexology. Dr. Ted’s life work is to educate society on the incredible breadth of sexual experience; so too will THE NIGHT MINISTER.

THE NIGHT MINISTER will be coming to you in Summer of 2015.

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RUMINATIONS is a gender-bending Coming of Age story that follows one pioneer of the counter-culture movement defined during the Sexual Revolution of the 1960′s in San Francisco. Original Cockette member Rumi Missabu left Hollywood 50 years ago on a quest for his true identity and found it in underground drag theater. Living off the grid from the age of 19, Rumi was a short-order cook, cleaned houses, and lived all over the country, amassing crazy adventures along the way. In the film, Rumi Missabu, will light a joint and pour the tea while ruminating about his encounters with everyone from Tina Turner to Jane Russell, Andy Warhol, Cindy Williams & more. RUMINATIONS will uncover the man James Bartlett underneath the artist Rumi Missabu, break down the fourth wall, and take the audience on the surreal adventure that is Rumi’s story. Join us as we ask, “Who is Rumi Missabu?” and solve a puzzle as dazzling as its main character.

RUMINATIONS will be coming to you in Summer of 2015.


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